dimanche 12 janvier 2014

Officially Cooked the First Meal ever

So hey guys...

I have officially cooked  screwed  cooked my first meal... I am not sure what to expect being that I am impatiently  not at all waiting for my mom to get home to shout at me or appreciate my effort so if I could get sweaty hands or what not I think now would be a good time..

So according to my recipe, I did the pasta boiling pretty well... As you can see with evidence A

It's the after cooking that is scaring me to hell because of course I think I screwed up... The final result looks good but the taste... I am like meh!! I am not so sure at all... Evidence B

I am so hoping this is good enough to eat but even though it may not be the case... I am glad I did try... Well I am glad for now.... Maybe I'll be singing a different song once my mom comes home...

Be Blessed..
Sabrina )O(

samedi 11 janvier 2014


Whoever said women love cooking or whoever thinks that is wrong!  Matter of fact, for some people aka yours truly, cooking is just a pain in the arse... Ok maybe not because I have never really cooked in my life...  

I know... I know... Shocks and gasps because oh my god am 25 never cooked in my life... well I never wanted to anyway so duh! 2014 brought forward new resolutions and this is my resolution to learn to cook because I was watching MasterChef Junior and I was so ashamed of myself because dang those kids can cook and they are so small!

So today, I am going to go somewhere I don't usually set foot... Outside my comfort zone and into the strange and fascinating world of cooking... My one and only fear is that I eventually kill someone or something but I think that if I don't start today I won't start like ever! So I'll keep my blog updated...  Because thank god noone is reading :P

I sure hope you are right!

Blessed Be,


The art of knowing

The Art of Knowing...

Knowing something doesn't necessarily mean that you are on the right path... For instance, am completely head over heels in love with a guy who wouldn't have me on sandwich and I know it too ! But that doesn't help that any time he does something nice for me, I melt ! (GIRL GOTTA GET A HOBBY)
Knowing things make you wiser, sure as hell make you experienced doesn't help that you are still a fool and that this will still hurt in the end because you can't do a move to walk away or ignoring that freaking annoying headsmack that says «Text him !! Text him »

Oh I am even reading this wonderful book by Mandy Hale but I am still in the mourning phase of this unrequited love and still it makes me smile like a CHESCHIRE cat just because he bought me a chocolate and our eyes connected ?? Like pff !! I am so annoying and annoyed at myself for the way I act !Not that he is the most handsomest guy ever but still he makes my heart aflutter and that sucks pretty badly ! 

Knowing he doesn't want me makes this so much difficult to move on but I know I have to !

Following this I know that I will be stronger and I guess probably that is what Knowing is all about because in the end you know that you are going to be strong and that you are going to overcome whatever is coming your way so that's what makes it so interesting....

vendredi 10 janvier 2014

Back to blogging

Well hello back....it's been three years and apparently i cant hold a blog because even though i watched julie and julia like a hundred times i didnt find time to blog....

Why now you may or may not ask lol... well because of this year's resolution... i am taking last year's resolution and continuing with it with more intensity...

So 2014 will be about being fitter.... taking more risks and loving myself... with every good intention i have in me in 2weeks am gonna start the gym.... i watched a lady who posted videos of her pathway to self love and am hoping that blogging will keep me motivated...

Seriously though sorry twitter and hashtags got to me in 3years so #selflove #giveit100days #comingsoon #sabrina2.0 lol

dimanche 13 février 2011

Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal Lecter♥♥♥ Can anyone be so hot and sexy.. Enigmatic and attractive...

I dont think I have a weird mind, I believe that I may be sane... SOMETIMES :) but Hannibal Lecter has always had this attraction on me ever since I saw him in Silence Of the Lamb, twisted mind behind the bars, intelligent and sociopathical... The interplay between him and Clarisse is epic... 

I think that he is perfect just perfect. watching him in Hannibal Rising with a young Gaspard Ulhiel, the reasons why he becomes a cannibal is fantastical, sad but never had he been so interesting, because behind the cannibal is a mastermind and this mastermind can give you shivers.. I like him a lot as you can have judged but I have other guys in mind too...

Hugs and kisses,

samedi 12 février 2011

Aie chihuahua

Hello all,

Am currently watching Chihuahua of Beverly Hills 2 and I must say that compared to the first one, it lacks the characters depth. Like changing Piper Perabo by who knows is a grand mistake.. pfft but Papi is still Papi.. Romantic for his mi corazon <3 Sometimes I wish men were like that, real lovers full of love and faithfulness... :)

This new Chihuahua 2 includes five new chihuahuas: Rosa, Lila, ALi and Papi Jr plus one else that i forgot the name?? Plus they are adorable just I dont like the names though maybe my dog beautifully named Saphira Leo is an exception to this rule hihi...

Hugs and Kisses

vendredi 11 février 2011

My celtic ancestry

My celtic ancestry, i don't really know if am celtic or if I have someone in my past generations who was celtic but i don't really care.

I have this strong attraction, intense and powerful need to get to know this culture... It's in the songs, in the culture, in the words and it's the air I can see glittering towards me... Could it be because I don't have any background of my culture that I love the celts like that... 

I know my little Mauritius is far from WALES or Ireland but I so wish I could go there, visit these lands where so many people feel this magical connection.. I am no redhead and fair skin but does it mean that I can't have it in my bloods. It is here i know it... I feel it... 

It's a wonderful feeling, listening to songs on youtube, buying celtic stuffs on amazon but the land calls to me and unfortunately lol, i am not rich enough to go... YET... :P