dimanche 12 janvier 2014

Officially Cooked the First Meal ever

So hey guys...

I have officially cooked  screwed  cooked my first meal... I am not sure what to expect being that I am impatiently  not at all waiting for my mom to get home to shout at me or appreciate my effort so if I could get sweaty hands or what not I think now would be a good time..

So according to my recipe, I did the pasta boiling pretty well... As you can see with evidence A

It's the after cooking that is scaring me to hell because of course I think I screwed up... The final result looks good but the taste... I am like meh!! I am not so sure at all... Evidence B

I am so hoping this is good enough to eat but even though it may not be the case... I am glad I did try... Well I am glad for now.... Maybe I'll be singing a different song once my mom comes home...

Be Blessed..
Sabrina )O(

1 commentaire:

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